I had the opportunity to have Mel do deep soul work with me on two different occasions. The first time, I didn’t really know what to expect and was blown away how fulfilling the session was. She was able to get to the root and target exactly what I needed to work on. It was a strong emotional experience. I “spoke” to my younger self and family members to heal old issues. Sometimes when something happened in my mind I could feel Mel responding to it. When I had pain she would focus on it. She helped draw out personal hooks in my body through energy healing. We laughed and cried together. It was extremely moving. Months later when I went home, I was able to experience how much I was healed. My relationship with my father had turned 180 degrees! I am extremely grateful to Mel! KV, USA

Thanks again, when I walked out of your room today, it was like a veil had been lifted. I felt different. Lighter. It was amazing. AC, South Africa

I am forever grateful that my path crossed with Melanie’s at a time when I was feeling lost, stuck and without creative drive or energy to move forward in my life. The first healing I had with Melanie was very gentle considering the depressed state I was in. I felt a release of emotion that, unbeknownst to me I had been carrying around since a child. Mel made me aware of the physical state of my body, where I was holding emotions, how I was breathing, etc. She also provided me with useful advice and exercises that I could continue with on my own. The days following the session I felt a huge sense of relief and hope – I felt like I could breathe again. And in the months following my outlook changed immensely, my energy levels improved and I began to make positive changes in my life. In the second session – which was even more powerful – Mel focused and guided me through areas of my body to release built up emotional blockages. I could literally feel the negative energy being released from my body – it was quite an emotional process. Due to the depth of the session, and Mel’s connection to spirit, I was able to connect to my own Spirit Guide and experience a powerful vision that still provides me with strength and insight today. I am a totally different person to who I was when I first met Mel – I’m happier, more positive and most importantly living true to myself. Mel’s practice is very deep, accurate and grounded. She herself is a very gifted, genuine and loving human being transforming those who come in contact with her. NM, Chiang Mai

Having never before dabbled in such healing techniques I was intrigued but admittedly skeptical about my session with Mel. I was expecting to just receive a general health boost but almost immediately Mel tapped into underlying issues that Id been subconsciously suppressing for years. Mel led the session professionally and compassionately, even lightening everything with a bit of humour it was like talking to a psychic, a councillor and a best friend in one! The whole experience was hugely emotionally liberating and awakened me to address problems that had been holding me back for a long time. A life-changing experience. LH, USA

I had been living in a small town in Thailand for a couple of weeks when I met Mel. I had plans to volunteer for the next 6 months and I was, as is often the case with international volunteers, nursing a badly broken heart. Mel explained her work and offered to do a session with me. I, not exactly a skeptic, but by no means an enthusiast to spiritual work,agreed. We sat down together and instantly I felt a swelling in my chest, a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I looked up and saw Mels eyes mirrored my own. Oh, she said. Oh, indeed. My intention for the session was to alleviate some of the anger, the tight heaviness in my chest and the bitterness I felt after my break-up. Mel suggested an untangling, of mine and my exs energies. She began to work with me, holding my feet which had gone curiously cold. She asked questions that amazed me in their specificity and relevance. During the session (throughout which I uncharacteristically wept) I began to feel a lightening in my chest and abdomen, as if more space was being made available inside of me. Afterwords, I felt sad, but also warm and calm and steady. The next several weeks were difficult. It was as if all of the pain I had allowed, like a toxic heavy metal, to separate and settle into the corners of myself, was stirred up, and flowing through my system. But gradually, as I lived it, it drained away. It has not been an easy process. It has been work, and the work has been my own. But I know that the session I had with Mel gave me the guidance, the perspective and the physical freedom to honestly began and follow through with that work. Mels gift as a healer is unquestionable in my mind. I highly recommend a session with her to anyone who is ready to look more honestly and closely at themselves. It has taken me 6 months, the end of my volunteer contract, to write this to come fully aware of the process of my healing and Mel’s guidance in that process. I have mounted the summit, I can see for miles around me, and I am exited for what lies ahead. Thank you Mel. LW, USA

My 2nd healing with Mel was just as wonderful as the first. Some things I didn’t even know I needed work on came out to the open. She helped me to heal my solar plexus chakra. Through energy work and spirit guides she worked with me on shifting the dimension of my relationship with my brother. There was some crying, and laughing. She always seems to lighten the situation. Once I was home, my first deep conversation with my brother was eye opening. I was in such utter shock how our relationship had shifted that I started crying with happiness. He even mentioned to my mother that he was ready to heal our relationship! Thank You Mel! Thanks to you, your spirit guides, and powerful energy my family life is now a loving supportive environment. KV, USA

I had two shamanic healing sessions with Melanie and was deeply impressed by the variability of her approaches, the depth of her intuition and her loving presence. I didnt have any experience with shamanic healing before and expected vaguely something with smoke and feathers but it manifested for me as strong emotional and energetic healing. One in the form of a Soul Retrieval and the other one as removing a blockage in the flow on the energetic, emotional and mental levels of my being. I felt very supported and totally save during the whole experience. Working with Melanie was a beautiful and helpful step in my journey of personal unfoldment. HM, Germany

I will forever be grateful to Mel for the healing work she did with me. The way she worked with me, putting me at ease, talking me through things, and getting to a root of a long-term problem that I was otherwise unaware of. Id been seeing a situation wrong for so long and she guided me to a realisation that has fundamentally changed my life for the better. After the session, which was eight months ago now, I felt a huge weight lifted. I am now at peace with the things that made me seek healing in the first place. So thank you, Mel, for helping me get to this place. TC, UK

This was my first time getting an energy healing session. I didn’t really know what to expect and was terribly nervous when I came in. But I felt really at ease and validated when I told Melanie my story and qualms. The release from telling my story was a release in itself, so to have an energy session afterwards was just great. I felt really strong, present, and shifted as if someone had scrubbed a layer of gunk out of my consciousness. I was a little skeptical, too, because I had never gotten an energy healing session before, and didn’t really understand how they worked. But, I can testify to the fact that Melanie’s sessions definitely have a powerful impact and can give you clarity and insight into how you would want to live from then on. The top 3 things I learnt from the session was: 1. Nobody is in charge of your healing but you. 2. Healing is not a passive process; its active. 3. Energy is real and energy is alive!! Melanies work is powerful and effective. I am really into energy healing and healing in general now. Your work and approach-ability are GREATLY appreciated. JB, Chiang Mai

I had a session from Melanie and I had a great experienced, it gave me full power. Before I started the session, she asked me what i want to work on, but i think that time she already knew what I wanted. She picked up my thought which even I try to put away, but it was still there for sure. I just try to ignore it. This sometimes gave me heavy-ness in my stomach, which I didn’t realise. We resolved the situation and took it away from my stomach and afterwards I felt very light. When she touched my legs, I started to see some visions, like butterfly, unicorn, mountain road, moon, and stars. I didn’t know the meaning at the time. But its like a sign from my higher-self. I didn’t have experiences like those before. Ive been to so many healers before, but Melanie approached in a different way. She made me feel also I can connect to universe by myself and make me realised all answer is already in me. She helped me to believe myself and my power. I was really happy to have done this session. I recommend her to anyone who wants to realise their own abilities. MK, Japan

Melanie helped me to improve my condition with chronic fatigue that I had for over 20 years. She displays genuine qualities of love and compassion to help you get over your difficulties. She works by removing any childhood blockages that you may have had, asks for spiritual guidance from guardian angels and animal spirits from other realms that are ready to lend their assistance, guides you on how to tap in to the abundance of energy all around you by visualizing the energy flow in your body, removes any lost entities that may have been relying on you and sapping your energy, and she also uses her healing powers in removing energy blockages in your channels. Melanie will help you realize that the core of our being is spiritual and in order for our bodies to be strong we need to also focus on being a well disciplined person, respecting and loving our body, cooperating with our organs so that mind and body become one which leads to treating our organs fairly and learning how to communicate with them. Obviously, Melanie will not be with us in every hour of our life, so she helps you to establish a strong core whereby you can rely on your inner strengths to get past any difficulty in times of troubles. She will teach you how to realize that in fact the strengths of the universe is in your heart but you just need to learn how to tap into it. She also gives practical advice on various behavioral and health issues such as what herbs to take, what to eat and other lifestyle adjustments that need to be done in order to help accommodate a smooth path to healing. I would recommend anyone that just wants to become a better person in any field of life whether it be for a better character or better health to check in with her definitely! CJ, Chiang Mai

I engaged Melanie to help me with designing my poster and leaflet, and I am very pleased with the results. She has a great gift for tuning in very quickly to what my core essence and work is, and effortlessly translated it into the right colour schemes, layout and messaging that I wished to convey. The process was speedy, fun and healing – within a couple of days, I have a set of promotional material that I feel truly represents who I am and what I do. I’d highly recommend any therapist who is looking for help with creating or improving their branding to engage with Melanie. AM, Kenya