The Desecration Of The Word Woman

I applaud and welcome a more inclusive, accepting, loving world. 

To love each other in our unique expression is wonderful, it’s progress, it’s needed.

However…I have noticed a very gradual eradication of the word WOMAN in women’s work. 

In reference to a woman’s cycle, I’ve seen the word WOMAN replaced with ‘menstruators’, ‘people with womb’s’, ‘people with periods’. 

If that’s what a person wants to call themselves – fine. 

But, nothing changes that fact that women have wombs. Women have a cycle, Women have periods. Women birth babies. Trans women don’t. Men don’t. 

This is not to diminish anyone’s abilities, or unique expression of who they are within.

I have noticed in order to be current and trending and liked, there is an attempt not to say WOMAN. 

I believe this to be the slow, gradual, eradication of the word woman from our everyday language. 

It’s subtle, it’s done in the guise of trying to be respectful.

But, let’s not include different expressions of humanity by diluting or dimishing another. 

Woman. Let’s say it again. Woman. 

A woman’s cycle – a woman’s period – women give birth – women breast feed – women go through menopause – women have womb’s. 

Women’s only circles are Sacred. Women NEED women’s only spaces to heal, to share, to be with each other – just as men, trans men and trans women do.

This isn’t exclusion, it’s an honouring of woman in her essence, so that we may come home to our true nature, and meet the world from that place.

Women – let’s not give away our true essence in an attempt to be liked, to be seen or experienced as inclusive, or for fear of being trolled/cancelled.

I know many women who think like this but are scared to actually say it in our current climate.

‘Woman’ is not up for cancellation! We can all live together, respectful of all, AND respect and celebrate each others differences.

Join the conversation on my Instagram post, I’d love to hear your experience.

Melanie Swan Podcast Host

Melanie Swan

Melanie is an internationally renowned leader in healing the physical womb, restoring the metaphysical womb, and connecting with the cosmic womb.

She’s a Womb Medicine Woman and Mulit-dimensional Trauma Healer with 20 year’s experience – who guides and empowers women to come home to their true nature.

She hosts The Sacred Womb Podcast, and the newly released CRM® podcast ‘Trauma Healing Tribe’ and is currently writing her first book The Sacred Womb, which is, at its core, a handbook for the empowerment of womankind; due for release in late 2024.

She has traveled extensively is currently based in Thailand, with her two beloved cats; Sophia and Lyra.


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