The Healing Power Of Reclaiming Your First Period

Our First Period is a portal to our unique gifts, creative sovereignty and cyclical power.


Our First Period – or First Blood – holds the potential to have us feeling welcomed, valued and honoured for our cyclical nature, ability to birth consciousness and use our intuition and emotions to guide our decisions.

If we don’t experience a version of this, we can experience shock, a lasting disruption in our menstrual cycle, shame of inhabiting a female body and the inconvenience of hormones & menstrual blood, disconnection from the womb and reproductive system (which has repercussions on our fertility later in life), distrust of our body, disconnection from our cyclical nature and intuition to name a few!

This lack of being welcomed into this world a woman, can result in the maiden part of us becoming fragmented, with the distress from that time getting bound up in the body – stored for a later date when the psyche is resourced enough for all those emotions to process out and for the maiden to re-integrate into the now with all her gifts and natural essence.

In this episode of The Sacred Womb Podcast I discuss how as adults we can revisit our first blood, retrieve our Maiden self, restore our natural gifts and recalibrate our menstrual cycle!

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