The Integrated Woman™ Online Course


A 9 month deep dive into healing The Arc of Womanhood.

What’s covered:

Creating a safe space and group boundaries

Intention setting from The Womb

Context – The Medicine Wheel as map and container

First Blood – Revisiting and recalibrating your first period

Healing The Mother Wound – Attachment and ancestral healing

The Menstrual Spiral – How to connect with the consciousness of The Womb and use it as a compass for authenticity, personal growth, healing, creativity and spiritual emancipation.

Healing The Father Line – Shining light on this silent topic. Feeling the effects of the snoozing father.

Reclaiming The Divine Masculine, Restoring The Divine Feminine – Reclaiming the thing we think we are not, activating The Sacred Womb and enabling The Sacred Feminine to truly relax.

Foundations of Healing

Restoring Healthy Boundaries


A private forum inside The Online Moon Lodge where topics are clearly laid out and the space is safe and clear (off facebook).

Fortnightly (every 2 weeks) online group circles where you can interact, take part in the Ceremonies or submit your questions beforehand.


Moon Sister meet ups are recommended – guidance sheets are provided for each module.