‘Seek and practice informed choice’

Jane Bennett


I talk to Jane Bennett, co-Author with Alexandra Pope of

The Pill; Are You Sure It’s For You?

on what the Pill actually does and the natural alternatives we have available.

The book addresses the many myths concerning the pill, other contraceptives, fertility awareness and women’s’ bodies and cycles.

It was fantastic to talk to Jane as she explained natural contraception in such a joyful and easy to understand way!


About Jane

Jane Bennett’s work and contemplation are centred on three main themes: Celebrating MenarcheMenstrual Wellbeing and Holistic Contraception. While these are all part of a natural positive approach to fertility generally it’s these three aspects that have specifically grabbed hold of her.

In writing this book together with Alexandra Pope, they sought to advocate truly informed choice, contraceptive literacy and partners sharing responsibility for their fertility. The book includes many practical tips about thinking through contraceptive needs and STD protection.

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