The Womb Cave

Something exciting has been forming during the winter months.

A space where women can gather to remember the true nature of woman: cyclical – creative – destructive – intuitive – sovereign.

The Womb Cave.

In the cave, we will come together to learn – to heal – to practice – to repair trust in ourselves – to reclaim ownership of the health and vitality of our womb centre – to embody our true nature.

This shift in our own consciousness will ripple out to the collective and contribute to the restoration of the place of the true feminine.

In The Womb Cave, you’ll be:

  1. Getting intimate with your unique menstrual cycle and the cycles of nature.
  2. Understanding how trauma shows up in your cycle (and what to do about it).
  3. Embodying the creative and destructive forces of the true feminine.
  4. Gaining a direct connection with The Divine through the portal of your womb.

Facilitated by Melanie Swan and Kim Barnard, this monthly membership includes:

  • A resource library containing womb centered practices, trauma education videos and downloadable goodies.
  • A private community (within The Cave)
  • 1 theme per month with a downloadable practice, video, worksheet and live circle (online) where you’ll get the chance to practice, ask questions and get the support you need to implement this work.

Doors open 23rd March – the spring / autumn equinox and The New Moon.

Join the waitlist to be the first to enter the cave and receive a founding members offer.

The Womb Cave Waitlist