The Women With No Name

At birth, women inherit their father’s family name, and at marriage, women take on their husbands family name. Women don’t have their own lineage name.


*this does not apply to ALL women. Some women have their own name, but don’t pass it onto their children. Some women have their own name and do pass it on to their children.

A not so long, long time ago…….

Women didn’t have their own bank accounts

Women couldn’t own their own home

Women couldn’t own land

Women couldn’t vote

Women couldn’t do certain jobs

Women got married, would go and live with their husbands family, take their husbands family name and give their children their husband’s family name.


Women have their own bank accounts

Women own their own homes

Women own land

Women can vote

Women can do any job

Women get married and take their husbands name and give their children their husband’s family name.

Is this last one out of date?

In this episode, I explore this sensitive topic and question if, in 2020 this ‘norm’ is still relevant, and if so, what’s effect is it having on the empowerment (or not) of women?

What are we saying to our daughters and sons with this pattern? what message are are passing on?

What’s the alternative?

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