Top 10 Sacred Womb Podcasts Of The Decade

Here are the 10 most downloaded episodes of The Sacred Womb Podcast this decade.

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Top 10 Episodes of The Sacred Womb Podcast

  1. Accessing Our Temple Of Wild Power, with Alexandra Pope.
    Alexandra Pope, Co-Founder of Red School explains the essence of Wild Power is that the Menstrual Cycle process, when consciously engaged with, is a Spiritual Practice. The Original Spiritual Practice.
  2. Healing The Mother Wound, with Bethany Webster.
    Podcast with Bethany who talks us through what is The Mother Wound, how it affects us in our adult daily life and what we can do to heal.
  3. How & Why To Use Yoni Eggs, with Lisa Byrd.
    Yoni eggs are a powerful tool for developing our intuition and getting more in touch with our Feminine Power. Join Lisa Byrd for this very popular podcast which details how and why to use these lil’ gems.
  4. The Parentified Daughter, with Bethany Webster.
    Bethany Webster returns to discusses what a parentified daughter is, how to take steps to heal and what it means for our emergence as female leaders.
  5. 9 Self-Care Practices For A Juicy Moontime, with Melanie Swan.
    Inspiring ways we can take great care of ourselves during our period; inc. FREE guided practice to help you to relax, reset and recalibrate at Moontime.
  6. Deepening The Process of Menstruation, with Melanie Swan.
    Western society tends to cling to patterns, expecting each cycle to be the same – as a way of neutralising or diluting The Unknown. Moontime conditioning renders us impotent to it’s Creative Powers. Every woman is different. Every cycle is different. Every Moontime is different.
  7. Exploring Our Intimate, Sacred Self with Yoni Delights, with Mirjam Ravensbergen.
    Sex, or masturbation is a way to feel our Body, to connect with our Source and to feel our Power.
  8. Heal The Womb, Heal The Woman, with Clare Blake.
    Fertility Massage Therapy™ ignites our passion by re-awakening our connection to our Womb. Clare Blake joins us to talk about this unique physical & spiritual treatment.
  9. What Is Our Sacred Womb & Why Is It Sacred, with Melanie Swan.
    We all know that we as women have a physical Womb. But what is our Sacred Womb, and why is it Sacred?
  10. How I Exercise In Tune With My Menstrual Cycle, with Melanie Swan.
    For years I thought I just wasn’t very good at sticking to an exercise plan. Then when I started tracking my menstrual cycle, I noticed that I was more able to do AND enjoy certain exercises at certain times in my cycle.

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Melanie helps women to heal their metaphysical Womb – a woman's epicentre of empowerment and creativity – dissolve old conditioning and reclaim their True nature; to become whole, independent yet interconnected, Sovereign Beings.

She lives in St. Neots, England, hosts The Sacred Womb® Podcast, is currently writing a book and is an avid potter.

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