Spider contains the threads of her life giving web, as women contain the ability to weave webs of energy that are templates for new consciousness.

Spider helps us to become aware of the web that we are weaving in every single moment; with our actions, words, thoughts and intentions.

When we begin to weave with awareness with others and The Great Spirit, this may induce fear of our own abilities, as living with this awareness comes with a knowing that we must take full responsibility for our lives.

As women, we spin the web of life from our Sacred Womb Centre.

This is a powerful aspect of Spiders Medicine.

The fear we feel when we sense Spider, is the fear of our own potency.

To attune with Spider and process out this fear, simply sit and envision Spider weaving her web and see if you can look deep into Her eyes and hold Her gaze.

Working With Spirit Totems

A Shamanka (female Shaman) works with Power Animals. They are an aspect of a natural creative wisdom in operation. Animal Totems hold and share specific healing Medicine.

Each one is gifted with a Sacred Medicine Power of it’s own individual creation, and reflects through this creation an aspect of the Great Divine; independent, supportive, transforming and empowering, thus is the intrinsic nature of Creation.