Owl is assisting us to come home to our body of wisdom, to work in the darkness and illuminate the sight of the loving huntress.

Owl has long been a familiar of witches, goddesses and wise women due to it’s ability to see in the dark; that is into the dark of our Soul – beyond the veil of illusion that is our physical reality and false self.

Owl sees past un-truth, nothing gets past it’s piercing gaze as it flies through the psyche, silently and without disturbing it’s surroundings.

Contrary to the fear Owl induces in some organised religions and tribes, there is a great love that comes from this being. There is nothing to fear from Owl, rather its our own fear of being seen and the pending death of the ego.

Owl teaches us to see, to become Seers. 


A Shamanka (female Shaman) works with Power Animals. They are an aspect of a natural creative wisdom in operation.

Animal Totems hold and share specific healing Medicine. Each one is gifted with a Sacred Medicine Power of it’s own individual creation, and reflects through this creation an aspect of the Great Divine; independent, supportive, transforming and empowering, thus is the intrinsic nature of creation.