I’ve recently been reminded just how powerful an empowered Soul Retrieval is and it gave me the inspiration I needed to go ahead and launch this!!

By that I mean, it’s not where some one else goes to get part of you for you, it’s where a Medicine Person can connect you with your fragments/lost parts and guide you to do the healing work yourself.

It goes beyond inner child work, which at a certain point just perpetuates the split.

I learnt how to do Soul Retrievals partly from my Dramatherapy and various psychotherapy trainings and experience, and partly directly from Spirit.

I have done Soul Retrievals with many, many people and as of

FEBRUARY 2017 I am offering a


where you will learn how to tune into the fragments, connect your clients with them, and do whatever is needed to support your client to get themselves back. We’ll cover the technique from start to finish, and as part of the training you’ll be retrieving parts of yourself.

This opens us pathways in the psyche so that you and your clients can then retrieve themselves again and again and become more and more whole.

The training will be online, using a combination of 1:1 work with me, group work, work in pairs, working with Spirit, in depth case studies, workbooks, videos and audios.

The training will be open once per year and will last for 6 to 9 months so that you finish totally able and confident, and already integrating Soul Retrievals into your practice.

The training is open to all and is on an application basis, as I partly need to see that you are grounded enough in this reality in order to do deep healing work in another.

So, if you’re seriously into this! then get in touch for more details and to reserve your place.

I am delighted that this is now coming to fruition and that many people can be helped.

Admission to the course is by application only.

Contact me to request a free 1:1 consultation with me to apply to register or the course.