Stress, Trauma and Womb Healing

Trauma Healing


Access all forms of stress & trauma by creating a sense of safety in the brain and nervous system – then processing the root pain that creates the need for defence responses.

When our system is re-Sourced enough – distress that was previously too unbearable, can be safely accessed and fully processed, changing the way we relate to memories and naturally dissolving defence/coping methods that formed in response.

This is deep, focused work across your souls journey; it includes inner child work, generational and past life healing. You’ll be venturing deep into your consciousness, releasing long held pain and doing specific practices between sessions to consolidate the changes in your brain and nervous system. 

Womb Medicine Woman Training


Getting to the root of all forms of stress & trauma inc; PTSD, CPTSD, attachment disruption, neglect, abuse, abandonment, betrayal, ostracisation, repeating relational patterns and disconnection from self & others. Inc; getting to the generational and past life roots.

Menarche Ceremony


Read your menstrual cycle for signs and symptoms of trauma, healing after abortion, pregnancy loss, in-utero & birth trauma, menstrual cycle issues, PMS, PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, peri-menopause, womb clearing & energisation, restoring creative sovereignty.

‘This work is a neuro-biologically based, trauma treatment model that connects the most primitive aspects of self and the brain, to the purest, healthiest parts of self. This bridge gives access to all forms of emotional trauma and stress. 

We work from the moment of conception to the present day in order to get to the root of symptoms and states of operating that are looping around causing personal, relational, occupational and creative distress.’ 
Lisa Schwartz, Founder CRM®

This is very much a grounded, body based therapy where you’ll be processing out old pain and hurt, organically dismantling life-interfering symptoms AND embodying your true, multi-dimensional self.

I’ve been trying different forms of therapy for the last 20 years (physical / psychological / energetic / spiritual) and nothing comes remotely close to the healing I’ve found in the last year working with CRM® and Melanie!

I went in with the vague hope that I could make some things better, maybe improve patterns that were constantly playing out in my life and soften some of the pain I felt in certain circumstances.

Little did I know that I would so fundamentally remove the roots of the traumas from my system that I now find it almost impossible to remember the pain and behaviours that used to be there.

It doesn’t come without work. To face yourself, to face the pain that has been kept trapped for so long but I will forever feel blessed that I met and worked with Melanie.

It’s truly a unique experience to be met with an individual who is able to safely guide both you and your nervous system to a place of peace.

Everything has changed and yet nothing is different.
I will always be in total awe of this work and feel so lucky to have found it.


Attachment Neurobiology

Inner Child Work



Relationship with Self

Womb Consciousness



Somatic Resources

Higher Consciousness




Core Self


Spiritual Resources

Connection To Nature

Sacred Geometry

Adult Self


Sessions are in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

You will be sent the exact location once your first appt is booked, it’s approx. 10 mins walk from Nimman Road.

In the first session, you’ll learn some tools to resource yourself, understand what’s going on that’s producing your current patterns / symptoms, and process some old pain.

You’ll also get a relevant practice to deepen your healing process.

You can then book more sessions depending on what you need and what you want to work on. It’s totally up to you. I will be able to give you an overview and recommendations of what’s needed to match your intention.

Longer term work together can be in Chiang Mai, or online.

First appointment & assessment 2 to 2.5 hours: 4500 THB

Subsequent appointments: 1.5 to 2 hours: 4000 THB

If this lights you up, book your initial 20 minute consultation online, which is free of charge.


Come to the gorgeous city of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand to do some deep, intensive healing and transformation!

An example of how this looks, is that you would come for a 2 hour in person session either daily, or every other day, for 1 to 2 weeks. You could also come 3 times per week for a month. Between sessions, you’ll be doing a relevant practice for an hour a day to deepen and consolidate your healing process.

The frequency of sessions, and length of intensive depends on what’s going on for you, what you’d like to work with, and most importantly, what your system actually needs.

If you’re genuinely interested in doing this, book your initial consultation online in which we’ll discuss what you need. Fees are the same as above.