I painted this picture last year and it was the original icon for my company Follow You Womb Heart. But then i connected with owl earlier this year and now she is the icon.

This months medicine bundle in The Online Moon Lodge is Healing The Mother Line and the power animal is Turtle who swims up the mother line to bring fluidity and dissolve calcification of limiting beliefs passed down the line from the beginning of time.

So I knew i no longer needed this picture i painted for Follow Your Womb Heart, but knew it was to do with the sea and fluidity somehow.

And now I know – that turtle had come to me last Spring and I had already begun healing the mother wound then because I started up my business…

….I was empowering myself and showing myself to the world, something not really encouraged in my mother line.


Women in my family and dating back in past generations were encourage to be housewives and to please.

So I began dissolving that last year by doing what I love, which is all things womby, hippy, raw food, healing, alternative and off-grid. I even started home educating as well.

So this picture represents mother line healing which I know is going to be a life long process.

I am looking forward to The Dark Moon Ceremony in The Online Moon Lodge this Sunday 5th June where we will connect beyond our mothers and grandmothers to the Great Mother . 

Zoe x
May 31st 2016. 

About Zoe

Zoe is based in Braintree, Essex and runs the Zoe Woods Masseuse offering Goddess workshops, a regular Women’s wellbeing community circle and Art of The Feminine.

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