Vegetarianism To Destabilise The Patriarchy

‘If we start thinking of patriarchy as the whole system itself then you can see that the oppression of women and people of colour is also coming with the oppression of animals.
Dr. Anne DeLessio Parson

Dr Anne DeLessio Parson joins us to discuss how the oppression of women and people of colour is also coming with the oppression and treatment of animals.

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Dr. Anne DeLessio Parson

Dr. Anne DeLessio Parson

feminist, anti-racist, educator, scholar-activist

Anne’s work places plant-based eating practices – especially the abstention from meat – in social context.

The first part of her dissertation examines the consequences of plant-based diets for population health in a country with a long tradition of vegetarianism – India, where one in three people follow a lacto-vegetarian diet.

The second part examines vegetarianism in a country with a long tradition of beef – Argentina, where the asado (≈barbeque) forms part of the national identity.

She lead the project Pathways to and Social Networks of Vegetarians, which uses respondent-driven sampling to reach the small but growing population of vegans, vegetarians, and their romantic partners in a mid-sized city.

She is especially interested in the connections between gender and diet, and the ways that food choices are shaped by the people in our lives.

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