Confidently support your clients to come home to their true nature; release deeply held pain, dissolve subconscious beliefs, and embody the true essence of the womb.

Womb Healing Training Online

For Healers, Therapists, Counsellors, Mental Health & Healing Arts Professionals.


Understand the original disconnect from The Womb and what we can do about it now. You’ll be learning the context and practices for healing the womb and connecting the metaphysical essence back in with the rest of the system, energising and clearing the womb, healing after abortion, healing after pregnancy loss, infertility, preparing for a healthy pregnancy, healing after womb loss and restoring a healthy menstrual cycle (and it’s true purpose).


Understand the split of these two major aspects and the distortions this is creating within our personal and collective consciousness. Work to connect with and restore The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine (for all genders), and then embody and unify these two energies within, creating a unification that ripples out into all areas of life, relationship with self and others.

Womb Healing is all about embodying our sovereignty, free will and true nature - LOVE.


Separation from our true self and Source has led us to look outside of ourselves for power, knowledge, wisdom, value, worth, safety, guidance, structure and truth. Trauma, unbearable pain, separation programming and subconscious beliefs need to be understood and cleared so that we can return home to our true nature – LOVE.


That is exactly what this training is for. It is aligned with the birth of the new-paradigm. A frequency of reality where we are remembering that everything we need is within us. That we are an expression of creation, and thus can co-create our world for fulfilment and expansion of consciousness, both personally and collectively.


People often come to this work having done lots of personal development, but have a kind of soul itch they can’t quite scratch. If you’re seeing this in your practice and want to advance your skills to confidently work with this, I invite you to join us.


Whilst this training will of course provide you with the practices, tools and skills to work with your clients, ultimately it’s your connection to your womb centre – and all that brings – that truly matters. That’s why there is an experiential element woven into each module. Your unique expression of this work is exactly what’s needed in the world.


LEARN Womb Healing Techniques For The Soul’s Journey


Relationship with Self & Source


Somatic inner child / parts work


Somatic Resourcing


Somatic Dissociation


Victim, Perpetrator & Failure states of consciousness


Womb Consciousness


Elemental Breathwork


Spirit guides and power animals


The Black Light of the womb


Free Will & Integration


Toning / Sound Healing



Womb Healing Training


This training module will enable you to help your clients to re-connect with and embody the consciousness of their womb, process womb-centered issues and restore a healthy, thriving womb centre; emotionally, spiritually and physically. You’ll understand how trauma shows up in the menstrual cycle and how to utilise that as a compass for healing, how to attune with the undercurrent of the cycle, enabling your clients to live in harmony with their natural changing essence and experience their female body as an ally.

6 x live online workshops via Zoom, inc. case studies, therapist self-care, skills development, demonstrations, practice dyads, debriefs and a course handbook.

2 x 13 day online experiential journeys. 



  • Understand why the womb has been dissociated from, and the resulting pain (personally, emotionally, collectively) and what the antidote is.
  • Understand and work with the disconnect and obstacles to connecting, across the Soul’s Journey.
  • Signs and symptoms of disconnection
  • Healing after abortion
  • Healing after pregnancy loss
  • Healing after hysterectomy
  • Infertility, and creating a healthy pregnancy
  • Working with physical diagnoses
  • Clearing the womb
  • Connecting the consciousness of the womb in with the rest of the system.
  • Understanding how the menstrual cycle is seen collectively, and the true purpose of the whole cycle.
  • Understand how trauma shows up in the menstrual cycle and how to use it as a compass for what healing work is needed.
  • Understand the arc of womanhood, how the cycle changes in each stage of life (maiden, mother, wise-woman) and how to re-pattern rites of passage.
  • Contra-indications and client preparation.
  • Working with the cycle to enhance creativity and alignment with the true self.

Woven into the training where relevant will be case studies, therapist self-care, demonstrations, practice dyads and debriefs.


JOURNEY 1: Consisting of guided practices every 2 to 3 days (depending on the practice) for you to experience the connection to and healing of your own womb centre.

JOURNEY 2: Consisting of guided practices 2 or 3 days (depending on the practice) for you to experience the connection to and expression of your menstrual cycle. For those in menopause or without a bleed – there will be adaptions given to the practices.

Hosted in our the private facebook group, the guided practices are 10-20 minutes each.


A 2 hour group supporting you to impliment this work with your clients.


Live Learning: 30 hours
13 Day Journey: 8 hours
Study Group: 2 hours
Total course: 40 hours



30 people max.



Restoring The Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Training


This training module will enable you to help your clients to identify their symptoms of the split in the masculine and feminine, restore their true essence and Unify the two aspects.

3 x live online workshops via Zoom, inc. case studies, skills development, therapist self-care, demonstrations, practice dyads, debriefs and a course handbook.

1 x 13 day online experiential journey. 



  • Understand the split and common presentations of individually and collectively.
  • Direct attunement to this body of work.
  • Working with The Soul’s Journey (past/parallel lives) and generational imprints
  • Identifying and working with the distorted vs true essence of each.
  • Contra-indications and client preparation
  • Working with obstacles to the process
  • Unification of both aspects over time.

Woven into the training where relevant will be case studies, therapist self-care, demonstrations, practice dyads and debriefs.


Guided practices/videos every other day for you to experience the restoration of your own true masculine and feminine. 

Hosted in our private facebook group. Practices are 10-20 minutes each.


A 2 hour group 1 month after the training, supporting you to impliment this work with your clients.


Live Learning: 15 hours
13 Day Journey: 4 hours
Study Group: 2 hours
Total course: 21 hours



12 people max.



Melanie captures the true essence and meaning of healing the rupture with the sacred masculine and feminine within each of us, as well as addresses how our dualistic conditioned thinking and relationships (with ourselves, other men and women) has misinformed how we have tried to conceptualize and heal this to no avail: the old and current conceptualization has been an example of that dualistic nature as well as a reaction to our lineages and personal experiences of wounding. She speaks of healing and evolving into a balance and flow of these energies as one thereby our true power. Have a listen – I promise it’s worth your time.

FAQ's About The Womb Healing Training

What do you mean by Healing Arts Professionals?

Anyone who is working in the area of healing / therapy / counselling that works either 1:1 or in groups, and is insured for their practice.

This lists is not exhaustive but is intended to include the main professions:

Trauma Therapists, Psychotherapists, Arts Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Somatic Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Healers, Energy Healers, Bodyworkers, Counsellors, Menstrual Cycle Coaches and Registered Mental Health Professionals.

If you would like to attend the training but your profession isn’t mentioned above, get in touch and we can discuss the options.

Do I have to attend all of the training live - or can I watch some on recordings?

You will have to attend all of scheduled training in order to complete it. No recordings will be available.

Will I Get A Certificate?

Yes, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance – if you attend all of the training live (no recordings available). It will state the title of the course and number of hours so that you can use it for CPD purposes if you wish.

Is this a full course or can I take individual modules?

The modules can be taken independantly. Attend whichever training calls you when you wish.

How many people will be in the training group?

There will be a maximum of 30 people in the training group so that you each get the time you need to really understand and implement this work.

Is all the training online?

Yes it’s all online. 

It is anticipated that there will be some in-person training in England in April 2026.

Is this just for women?

The trianing is open to all genders.

Will I be able to implement the training straight away?

Yes you will. The training is designed with that intention.

Is there any support to implement this once I've done the training?

Each module includes a follow up study group to help you integrate this into your work.

In addition to this, Melanie is available for 1:1 consultations, and there are also ‘Womb Room’ study groups running once every 8 weeks, for 2 hours from 12noon-1pm London time on Saturdays from January 2025. Dates will be give at the end of the training module. These ongoing study groups are £50 per group, per person.

The study groups will include a refresh of a relevant topic from the training, an experiential practice and time for client questions.