Womb Healing

Heal the ROOT cause of physical symptoms, repeating patterns and subconscious beliefs across your Soul’s Journey, to restore your true nature.


The whole menstrual cycle has the potential to bring us into our fullest range of embodied experience and expression every cycle. Physical and emotional symptoms will lead us to both the core wound and bound up life force, and the true purpose of the cycle can be restored.


The matrix up which our physical womb materialises, it holds subconscious beliefs, fractals of repeating patterns, and the portal to our deepest Soul’s Wisdom. It is the template upon which our co-creations are birthed.


Our attachment template forms at conception, during gestation & birth, then up to around 6 months. Root pain, core defenses & generational imprints are identified & processed, and love is amplified, which recalibrates how we relate to self and others.


Connect with and restore your true Masculine and Feminine aspects, and unify these in your body; activating your internal authority, ability to alchemise energy into matter and be truly supported and nourished from within.


Connecting with The Great Mother through the portal of the womb to bring through new consciousness to this reality, for personal and collective evolution.


I’m Melanie, a Soul Worker and Womb Medicine Woman for women who want to come home to their true nature.

I have 20 years experience as a therapist, and combine body-centered trauma therapy, shamanic healing and creative arts therapy to support you to identify and process the root cause of what’s going on.

The Womb-Centre and true masculine is often the missing piece in a woman’s healing process. Once restored, these key aspects bring back the trust in our deep knowing, the ability to flow with our cyclical nature, and to bring inspiration into this reality.

Deeply held pain, repeating patterns and limiting subconscious beliefs will lead us to your trapped, bound-up life force.

Once the previously unbearable has been processed from this life, past/parallel lives and generational lineages, you will be able to integrate and embody the learning, wisdom and knowledge from those aspects of your consciousness.

If you’re at a stage in your healing process where your body is singing at the thought of engaging in Soul Work, I’m here.

Together, we’ll navigate the depths of your psyche, to restore your womb-centre & multi-faceted nature. 

Shamanic Womb Healing

Addressing the root cause of womb-centered issues


Fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis and adenomyosis


Difficulties staying pregnant / pregnancy loss


Long and heavy or missing periods (Amenorrhea)


Infertility with no medical explanation




Healing after abortion & pregnancy loss


Healing after hysterectomy / womb loss


Birth / gestational trauma - your own and with your children


Womb trauma from abuse or medical procedures


Numbness / dissociation when trying to connect to your womb


Generational imprints formed when you were in the womb


Lack of creativity, internal authority or ability to bring your ideas into action.


Hardened feminine / absent or distorted masculine


Connecting to guru's, religion or teachers in order to connect to The Divine / magic / leadership


Dissociation in different parts of your menstrual cycle


'Pushing' through your period


Adjusting to the true power of peri-menopause


Addressing your first period to recalibrate your whole menstrual cycle


Restoring trust in your intuition and creative sovereignty

Shamanic Womb Healing

Healing Your Womb Across Your Soul’s Journey
with these tools and resources.

Relationship with Self

Attachment Neurobiology

Inner Child Work

Womb Consciousness




The Black Light of the womb

Sacred Geometry

Higher Consciousness

The Womb of Mother Earth

Somatic Parts Work


Somatic Resources


Elemental Breathwork



When our system is re-Sourced enough – pain that was previously too unbearable, can be safely accessed and fully processed, changing the way we relate to memories and naturally dissolving defence/coping methods that formed in response.


There is not one set way healing sessions go. However, there are general elements and patterns to them as described below. Within this process there will be multiple nuances, issues and techniques as we navigate your psyche together.


Checking In

Getting clear on your intention for the session, checking in on previous practices if relevant and looking at how the work is integrating within your system, and the changes you’re experiencing.



Creating a sense of security within your brain and nervous system before anything else. We do this with breathwork, eye positions (activating healthy circuits within your brain), visualisation and all five senses.



Getting clear on what we’re working with each time. This focuses your system to reveal the core wounding and how it’s woven into your psyche – revealing the path back to wholeness.


Processing Pain

Processing what was previously intolerable both somatically (body sensations) and cognitively. There can be multiple anchor points of pain within one memory. The aim is to process it in a wholly tolerable way.


Reconnecting with Self

Reconnecting with and emobdying the parts of you that were dissociated, pushed away or squished. Remembering and embracing their true essence back into the whole of you.



Giving time for the brain, nervous system and reconnected parts to orient to the present and realise that you are now ok! We’ll agree on a practice to do between sessions to consolidate your healing.


nothing short of a miraculous breakthrough

What ensued from that first session was nothing short of a miraculous breakthrough. I felt less anxious, more creative, and completely in tune with myself; it was a feeling I had never felt before, pure joy and happiness and for the first time in a long time, I was genuinely happy and could laugh.

Since then, Melanie has taken me through a journey of getting to know myself on a much deeper level, confronting my past traumas, and giving me tools and mantras to get me through the personal difficulties we were working through. It has been a truly remarkable journey. I am more confident and aware of myself, and most importantly, I am not anxious anymore and have attained calmness and patience with things and people around me, but most importantly, with myself.

It takes a personal commitment in time and consistency to show up when doing the sessions, which is truly worth it. I highly recommend Melanie and I have told everyone I know who cares to listen about what an amazing journey it has been.


PROCESSED the roots of traumas from my system

I’ve been trying different forms of therapy for the last 20 years and nothing comes remotely close to the healing I’ve found in the last year working with Melanie. I went in with the vague hope that I could make some things better, maybe improve patterns that were constantly playing out in my life and soften some of the pain.

Little did I know that I would so fundamentally process the roots of traumas from my system, that I now find it almost impossible to remember the pain and behaviours that used to be there.

It doesn’t come without work. To face yourself, to face the pain that has been kept trapped for so long, but I will forever feel blessed that I met and worked with Melanie. It’s truly a unique experience to be met with an individual who is able to safely guide both you and your nervous system to a place of peace. Everything has changed and yet nothing is different. I will always be in total awe of this work and feel so lucky to have found it.


I'm working with a therapist already that I'm happy with, can you just do one session with you for something specific?

Yes, I often work with people that already have ongoing therapy or counselling in place. You are welcome to come to do some specialist healing work with me: be that past life healing, generational healing, or womb healing. I am also happy to share brief notes with your current therapist (at your request).

Do you offer packages?

I don’t offer packages because you could have the transformation or change you need at any time.

Also, sometimes it’s just time to take a break so that you can focus on integrating what you’ve processed. This integration time is as valuable as the processing time.

Can I try one session and see if I like it?

Sure. Once you have had your initial consultation, we’ll agree a time for your first session. This is usually 1.5 to 2 hours long so that we can see how your system is operating and to process something specific.

Then at the end of the session, if you want to do further work, I can recommend what is required given your intention.

Do you work with people long term?

I work with people from 1 session up to a maximum of 2 years. After that I recommend you work with another therapist or modality.

There is not one modality that works for everything, and it’s healthy to work with a variety of therapists and methods to gain different persepctives.

Group work is also very useful and offers healing in ways that 1:1 doesn’t and vice-versa.

Can I work with you in person?

Yes, I’m based in Devon but do travel quite a lot. Sessions are online, or in Devon when I’m there. Get in touch for more details of my current location.

How do I pay you if I'm not in the UK?

Payments are processed securely with your debit or credit card through Stripe. Once we have agreed your session date/time, I’ll send you a confirmation that contains your unique Zoom link, plus a payment button.

If you’re in the UK, payments are by Bank Transfer.

This is for you if:

  • You have already engaged in some talk therapy or therapy for this life, and are ready to go deeper.
  • You are open to working with past / parallel lives and different states of consciousness.
  • You are open to working with the victim, rescuer and perpetrator states within you.
  • You are open to trying different techniques.
  • You feel motivated to make deep and lasting changes.
  • You can commit to doing your own practice between  sessions.

This is not for you if:

  • You’ve not engaged in any therapy before.
  • You want someone to ‘clear’ your karma, take away your pain or do the process for you.
  • You just want someone to talk to.
  • You want to work with this life only.
  • You only want techniques to manage your symptoms.
  • You think – or hope – I can heal or rescue you.
  • You have a mental health diagnosis or personality disorder (better you have a team to support you).
  • You don’t want to do a practice between sessions.


We meet for an initial consultation, which is free of charge and lasts for 20 minutes. It’s an opportunity for us to discuss the work you’d like to do, to get any questions answered and see if we’re a good fit.