Womb Healing and Cycle Coaching

Understand and embrace your cyclic nature – heal your womb from trauma, conditioning and old imprints – connect with your womb centre to receive Divine guidance for optimum self-care, creativity, productivity and personal growth.

Healing Services

Bookings for 1:1 Womb Healing, Sacred Womb Coaching and Mentoring for Healers & Therapists are now open.

£75 per 50min session.
£45 per 30min session.


Are there times in your cycle that you are struggling with? We work to pinpoint what’s happening and you will be given guidance as to how to work with your cycle along with relevant self-healing practices.


Connect with your Womb and Yoni to get deeply in touch with your intuition, restore boundaries from the inside out and move stored emotions from past relationships, abuse, abortion, operations, shame and collective projections.


Period pain and the pain of periods is a call from our bodies for attention. I will help you to tune in and decode what your unique body is saying and you will get tools and practices to listen deeply to yourself, take appropriate action and dissolve the pain.


Find our what’s going on beneath this symptom, take the necessary action and you can use this time to your favour. Our pre-menstrual time – when embraced and trained – can rapidly speed up personal growth.


Deep Shamanic, energetic clearing and healing – supporting you to connect with the matrix upon which your reality is built and drop back into your seat of Personal Power to embody your Sovereignty and true nature as a Creator, Birther of New Consciousness, Weaver and Destroyer.


Looking at how to track your cycle, energise your womb space, communicate with your womb and take aligned actions; dissolving so called blocks, mis-conceptions and ancestral conditioning (this also helps to clear emotional and physical symptoms).


Yes! We as women come coded with a natural spiritual pathway in our body. I will guide you how to connect with the different phases of your cycle; and attune your creativity and productivity, take bloody good care of yourself and live your purpose!

Melanie is easy to talk to, compassionate and very intuitive. When working with her I feel heard and seen, pls Melanie has this intuitive wisdom that is like a magic hat, she always pulls out something that is really close to my heart and helps me enormously.

I really recommend Melanie’s Skype consultations and online courses because for me, they have dissolved layers and layers of fear based stuff to help me find my core.

Zoe Woods

Medicine Woman, Goddess Masseuse, Zoe Woods Masseuse

I was able to connect with myself in a way that I’ve never done before. I’ve done years of spiritual work and personal growth and this was different because it was really connecting with me on a Soul level and I really felt that. Ever since that 1:1 things have shifted and it’s really exciting because now I can excel in areas of my life that I’ve been stuck.

Honor Stewart
Raw Chocolate Maker and Manager

I asked Melanie for a session and it was a life changing event. Melanie sat with me, held my hand and walked me through a very difficult childhood memory.

The immediate difference was that I was, and I still feel lighter, I’m lighter. I’m actually physically not carrying that baggage.