Womb Medicine Woman Training® Year 1 2020/21

Another year in The Online Moon Lodge has come to an end and I’m delighted to introduce to you these incredible women that completed Year 1 of The Womb Medicine Woman Training® – ‘The Integrated Woman’.

These videos show the fruits of their labour from the last 9 months.

A Journey To Remember

Sacred Womb Integration

The Spaces Between The Noise

Deep Validation

Finding Stillness In Transition

Friendship Found

A New Me Is Born


My Womb Connection Experience

The Womb Medicine Woman Training® has now run it’s course in this format. New online courses for the re-empowerment of Womankind will be available for everyone in early 2022.

Meanwhile, Melanie is writing a book entitled ‘The Integrated Woman’ and some of the women from this group will be progressing to Year 2 of the training, in order to bring forth their own Medicine for our current times.

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Melanie Swan Podcast Host

About Melanie Swan

Melanie helps women to heal their metaphysical Womb – a woman's epicentre of empowerment and creativity – dissolve old conditioning and reclaim their True nature; to become whole, independent yet interconnected, Sovereign Beings.

She lives in St. Neots, England, hosts The Sacred Womb® Podcast and is an avid potter.