Womb Medicine Woman Training® Year 1 2019/20

As another beautiful year in The Online Moon Lodge comes to a close, some of the women in this years group share their experience through words and song.

We journeyed through The Medicine Wheel, revisited the First Blood, explored The Mother Line, experienced The Menstrual Spiral, shed light on The Father Wound – and finished by reclaiming The Divine Masculine.

With thanks to our Totem Spirits for the year; bear, dear, turtle, hawk and buffalo and of course, the consciousness of The Womb.

A Return To Self

Sacred Womb Integration

The Many Faces Of The Feminine

Re-assembling Myself


Journeying With the Soul

Do you feel a deep longing to come home to your Womb and share your unique wisdom with the world?

Learn more about The Medicine Woman Training™: 
A 2 Year Online Professional Training for women who want to deeply heal their Womb and birth new consciousness for our current times. We start every September.

Melanie Swan Podcast Host

Melanie Swan

Melanie is an internationally renowned leader in healing the physical womb, restoring the metaphysical womb, and connecting with the cosmic womb.

She’s a Womb Medicine Woman and Mulit-dimensional Trauma Healer with 20 year’s experience – who guides and empowers women to come home to their true nature.

She hosts The Sacred Womb Podcast, and the newly released CRM® podcast ‘Trauma Healing Tribe’ and is currently writing her first book The Sacred Womb, which is, at its core, a handbook for the empowerment of womankind; due for release in late 2024.

She has traveled extensively is currently based in Thailand, with her two beloved cats; Sophia and Lyra.


Sacred Womb Newsletter


The Unknowable

The Dark and The Shadow and The Light, All combined to weave a web, That makes us blind to Moonlight Star and Glowing Sunset. The newborn child cries for The Mothers breast. Seek that which is Unknown…

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