‘Yoni Steams are a beautiful way to bring warm steam and heat to the pelvis and to the womb, increasing circulation and energy flow. The moist heat opens up the pores of the tissues and the botanical infused water vapor delivers the medicinal benefits of the plants, including volatile oils directly to the pelvic tissue.


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In this episode I talk to Naomi about The Sacred and Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming, or Womb Steaming as it’s also known.

Naomi was very generous with her information and tells us how to set up and steam our beautiful Yoni’s!

Naomi Love

Naomi Love

Womb Shamaness & Creatrix of the Wise Womb Medicine Path

Naomi currently live on Maui and travels around the globe teaching the Wise Womb Medicine Path. She is a devotee of life, of learning to ride the waves, and navigate through this wild ride of life. Her work is evolutionary, supporting transformation, empowerment and growth and she has become a master weaver after twenty five years of education & experience in the healing & temple arts. She is first and foremost a ShapeShifter, devoted to personal growth.