Podcast Interviews

I LOVE being interviewed and I’m delighted you want me on your show!

Here are some topics I love to talk about – all menstrual cycle, trauma healing and women’s empowerment related.

The menstrual cycle
The divine masculine
The myth of the inner critic
Why feminine rising is keeping us stuck
The power of rest during our periods
Healing multi-dimensional trauma
What is womb healing
Healing the victim, perpetrator, reduce dynamic in our own consciousness
Restoring the divine feminine
Healing the sisterhood wound
Healing sexual abuse
Healing after abortion

I’m happy to speak for up to 40 mins max for one episode.


Group tele-summits or anything that requires me to give a free gift / opt-in!


Send me a link to join you on any of the professional recording software platforms and I’ll happily join you. I have a professional mic and will use my headphones for optimum recording quality.

I’ll say no to recording on whataspp / phone / Skype, recording my own audio or anything that’s not going to produce top notch sound. I’d also prefer that we see each other when we record.


To make sure I’m really spending my time wisely, before requesting an interview, let’s make sure we’re a good fit. I say yes to;

A decent amount of subscribers to your podcast and / or list (i.e. 1,000 minumum)
A good fit in terms of branding
An audience of mostly women aged around 35 to 44.


I’m based in Thailand for timezone conversion purposes and can record between 1pm and 8pm Bangkok time.

If that all sounds like a great fit, then complete the form below and we’ll get back to you within 7 working days.

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