Ruby Red Slippers, A Ode To The Womb Witch

A Menstrual Medicine Poem

Meaning the words come with an energy that are helpful for our Sacred Womb Centre.

I recommend reading, feeling, hearing the words and noticing if and how your womb responds.

See the Womb Witch zoom
Across the midnight sky
Wearing just ruby red slippers
And a twinkle in her eye

With the blood of her Womb
The rubiest of reds
That magical potion
Streaming down her legs

With no longer a care
For opinions or rules
She unleashes a cackle
Felling ignorance and fools

See the Womb Witch soar
There’s no stopping her now
Off on her broom
Freedom, her only vow.


Ruby Red Slippers

by Melanie Swan | Sacred Womb Poetry

Notes from the creative process

Writing this poem was SO much fun!

It was penned whilst experiencing a new state of being during Moontime of January 2015. I felt so juicy, so creative!

About 7 days before on the Full Moon – her bright light had caught my eye and I gazed, for only a few moments at the Silver planet and felt her powerful consciousnesses enter my third eye.

From that moment, I’ve felt like I’m being charged up like a battery, the silver threads of light coursing through my veins. I’ve notice I’m laughing louder, care less about being accepted and have a renewed vigor to write, create and do whatever I please!