Reclaiming The Divine Masculine To Restore The Divine Feminine

Welcome to another episode where Kim and I discuss the growing divine feminine movement and its pitfalls…

…as many women who are in this movement are struggling to turn ideas into reality, have a lack of internal authority and are using ‘the masculine’ as a dumping ground for traits that are not liked or deemed to be ‘feminine’.

In the first half, we examine why and how our masculine part is often projected outwards, and in the second, we challenge the idea of labelling certain characteristics as masculine or feminine, emphasising the need to own our shadows (that which we think we are not) to reclaim our authentic masculine energy – which naturally restores our feminine energy.

We also define and question the patriarchy, our role in its creation and sustanance, and explore what’s needed to dissolve the trauma preventing us from fully embracing and unifying both energies within.

Melanie Swan Podcast Host

Melanie Swan

Melanie is an internationally renowned leader in healing the physical womb, restoring the metaphysical womb, and connecting with the cosmic womb.

She’s a Womb Medicine Woman and Mulit-dimensional Trauma Healer with 20 year’s experience – who guides and empowers women to come home to their true nature.

She hosts The Sacred Womb Podcast, founded the Womb Medicine Woman Training® and is currently writing her first book The Sacred Womb, which at its core, is a handbook for the empowerment of womankind; due for release in late 2024.

She has traveled extensively, and is currently based in Thailand with her two beloved cats; Sophia and Lyra.


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